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Explorations into
Bread and Puppet Theater

This page focuses on an exploration of the work of Bread and Puppet Theater - Peter and the late Elka Schumann - from the 1960's with John Bell, former Bread and Puppet company member.  It includes photo documentation of Bread and Puppet's residency at UConn where I, along with other UConn Puppet Arts students, worked with the company to rehearse and perform the The Persians at University of Connecticut in April 2022

Preparing and Performing
The Persians at UConn April 2022

Fixing puppets for the Persians with Bread and Puppet Theater.jpg
In rehearsal with Peter Schumann and Bread and Puppet Theater for the Persians.jpg
Bread and puppet The Persians rehearsal 20042022 UConn Storrs CT.jpg

Final Bread and Puppet project with Abigail Baird and Jaron Hollander

Final perfomance for Bread and Puppet Theater course.jpg

Bread and Puppet Theater perform a cantastoria
on UConn campus April 2022

The promenade site specific performance, inspired by the late Elka Schumann's biographical book - She Sits She Rides She Flies -  used cranky, stilts, giant puppet and song and was performed in the ground of the Puppet Arts Complex

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