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Inspired by the power of Commedia Dell 'Arte  half masks to create visual impact in the streets and tell stories without words to audiences of all ages, languages and cultures, I directed my first show, Foolish Folk, with Faceless Arts in 1990.  This idea has underpinned all my work to date with Driftwood in 2016 exploring the refugee crisis and How Much is Enough?, in 2015, using a Slovenian folk tale to explore human exploitation of nature.


Mask, puppetry and visual theatre provide the poetic language in my directing work with professionals and communities. Static, crowd gathering shows create opportunities for deeper narratives, whilst walkabout street theatre increases access to live performance on street corners, in fields and on people's doorsteps.

"Thanks so much for all your hard work and creativity – it was absolutely brilliant, from beginning to end.  It was great to see people lining the streets, in a town that’s so often very quiet, and where people feel that nothing ever happens"

Hazel Colquhoun, Arts Consultant, Selby 950 Parade


"Incredibly powerful ... beautifully moving"
Audience member for Driftwood at Utopia Fair, June 2016

Please click on an image in the gallery for further information about each show. Apologies for the quality of some of the images towards the end of this gallery - some of them are nearly 30 years old!

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